Raspberry, macadamia & coconut chia pudding


No matter how many times I eat a bowl (or jar) of chia pudding, I’m still not tired of it. The possibilities are just endless – and that’s why I love it.

This time I opted for the combination of raspberries and macadamia butter. The raspberries add a slight tartness to the dish, while the macadamia butter is just plain liquid tastyGOLDin my opinion (yes I do eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar). Put all of this goodness in a glass and you’ve made yourself the most delicious breakfast/dessert/snack/pre-dinner.



1,5 tbsp maple syrup

50ml chia seeds

1/4 tsp vanilla essence

150ml coconut milk

100ml almond milk (or any other plant-based milk)

50g frozen or fresh raspberries

125 ml any plant-based milk

3 tbsp macadamia butter

toppings: berries, coconut flakes



To make the chia pudding, combine the chia seeds, coconut milk, almond milk, vanilla essence and maple syrup in a jar, mix well and leave to soak overnight.

The next morning, make a thick raspberry puree by blending raspberries with a little bit of plant-based milk.

To serve, place macadamia butter in a serving dish, top with chia pudding, raspberry puree and then berries. Serve immediately. Enjoy!