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SOCCA flavoured with oregano & topped with tomato, basil, capers, roasted almonds, avo & balsamic.

SOCCA flavoured with oregano & topped with tomato, basil, capers, roasted almonds, avo & balsamic.


Socca is a traditional Italian chickpea crepe. Unless you are Italian then don’t worry, I didn’t know this until recently as well. Up to when I bought a bag of chickpea flour, mixed it with water, fried it and then googled “chickpea pancakes” before posting a picture of it on Instagram. Funnily enough my creation already had a name.

So. Socca. It is  ridiculously easy to make. And while I could eat 5 crepes in a row (not joking), after two of these I’m full. They are very nutritious, gluten free, vegan and everything else you are looking for in a healthy dish.

As I started writing this recipe down the way I did it (the 5 minute method), I discovered that many people make the same thing in the oven. It’s almost the same technique – have the batter ready, pour it in a hot pan and either cook it on the stove top or in the oven. Some of the recipes also call for letting the crepe batter stand before cooking which I recommend doing as well (if you are not in a rush). The molecules will then absorb moisture and you’ll be able to make larger crepes and they wont break apart. If you’re using the 5 minute method just make smaller crepes ;).



250ml chickpea flour

375 ml water

2 tbsp olive oil

salt, pepper

dried oregano


cherry tomatoes



roasted almonds





To make the crepe batter, sift together chickpea flour and a big pinch of salt. Mix through. Add the oregano and pepper. Gradually add in the water while whisking and then the oil. The batter should be quite thin, add more water if needed. Then let the batter stand (if you have time). If not, make smaller crepes.  Fry on a medium-high heat a couple of minutes on both sides, until nicely browned.

To make the topping, chop cherry tomatoes, avocado and add to a bowl. Add roasted almonds, capers and  roughly chopped basil. Season with salt, pepper and balsamic.





FIG & BANANA smoothie bowl

FIG & BANANA smoothie bowl