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SEMOLINA PORRIDGE with homemade jam, berries & dark chocolate

SEMOLINA PORRIDGE with homemade jam, berries & dark chocolate

Food is memories, and semolina porridge is one of my childhood favourites.


Even now my grandmother makes it for me (it's always the way I remember it!) topped with her homemade jams or a slab of butter. Her rule for making porridge is that if you want to put jam on top, the porridge must be salty. And I kind of like it this way as well. 



750 ml almond milk/water

75 ml semolina

Sweetener, to taste

Salt, to taste

1/2 tsp vanilla powder 

berries, to serve

jam, to serve (I mashed and warmed fresh raspberries)

dark chocolate, to serve



Heat up the almond milk. When it is simmering, pour in the semolina while whisking. Cover and simmer the porridge for 15 minutes, until the granules are soft. Season with sugar and salt and add the vanilla. 

Serve with jam, (butter), fruits and chocolate. Enjoy!

Urban Outfitters Collaboration

Urban Outfitters Collaboration