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Lombok. not many people have heard of this tiny island, but definitely should. most of the island is untouched, with roads more similar to the surface of the moon than that of which we are used to in this part of the world. but it is dreamy nonetheless, and worth every bumpy ride.

we arrived to Lombok during the night, had our first walk around the city of Senggigi that same evening just to be even more sure that we needed to get to a more rural place, asap. not that Senggigi wasn’t lovely, we were just aching for some wilderness. so we rented a car the next morning and set out on the road to.. where ever?

our first stop was at the Sendang Gile waterfalls. after an hour long trek, we got to bathe in the most amazing natural pool under a 50 meter waterfall. the water was icy cold, flowing from deep within ground. there was no one else but us, only the jungle, schreeching monkeys & birds.

that evening we sought to find shelter in the village of Sembalun, which is located on the side of Mt. Rinjani. a lovely family welcomed us to their homestay and directed us to the nearest warung which was about a 20 minute walk away. it was pitch-dark already, there were no streetlights, only the great big sky dotted with the brightest stars. so we walked to dinner, with our eyes to the sky, enjoying every bit of that wonderful moment & seemingly everlasting quiet.

the dinner that night was no less amazing. i had no idea that fried rice (they call it nasi goreng) could be so flavourful. the quiet atmosphere, friendly talks with locals & what turned out to be one of the best meals we had during the entire trip, all made for the most relaxing evening possible. & this was exactly what we needed.

the neighbouring roosters did not let us sleep too long the next morning, so we were up early, greeted with another lovely nasi goreng for breakfast by the family and then set out on the road. we drove down the coastal roads through towns and villages that rarely see a touristy face, stopped to buy fruits & fresh coconuts at local markets and bathed in the clear blue sea, before taking another bumpy road to nowhere.

in many cases, the seemingly endless horrible roads ended up in the most magnificent places. one of these was Tanjung Ringgit, an area boarded with dramatic high-falling cliffs. we had lunch on one of these, followed by a walk to the tip of a peninsula, where waves were crashing into the cliffs and over them. we stood, hand in hand, on the edge of a cliff and got showered & cooled by this amazing force of nature.

the days we spent in Lombok went by fast. as it was the beginning of the trip, we were always on the move, searching for new exciting places. & next up – the Gili Islands.

INDONESIA PT. 2: The Gilis

INDONESIA PT. 2: The Gilis