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Hot Chocolate Snowmen

Hot Chocolate Snowmen

There's nothing like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. The perfect drink to make you feel all warm and cozy!

I've struggled quite a bit in the past with making vegan hot chocolates - they are either super bland with no real depth or hectically rich (hey there full-fat coconut milk!). Now I got to try OMG Superfoods' Hot Chocolate powders and lemme tell ya, there's no going back from here.

My personal favourite is the Hot Choc with Maca cause it's not that sweet and they've added some pumpkin protein powder in there too (check out this post to find out why I love it). But I'm pretty sure the other ones are really tasty too - can't wait to try the turmeric one!

I decided to jazz up my hot chocolates a bit because a little snowman never hurt nobody. To make these guys (or gals) just draw eyes and a mouth with an edible food pen and the nose with vegan white chocolate that is coloured orange with turmeric or food colouring. The result is a super cute cup of hot choccy that you almost don't want to drink! 

hot choc snowmen

For the hot chocolate:

2 cups unsweetened plant milk (I like a mixture of light coconut and almond milk)

4 tbsp OMG Superfoods Hot Chocolate with Maca

2-3 tbsp sweetener like maple syrup (if needed)

pinch of salt

4-5 vegan marshmallows, snowman faces drawn with edible pens


To make the hot chocolate, heat the plant milk, hot chocolate powder, sweetener and salt to a simmer and whisk until uniform. Adjust sweetness, then pour into cups and top with marshmallows. Enjoy!

Hot Choc Reindeer.jpg
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