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Everybody loves pizza, but not quite as much as my dear husband K. His love for pizza is simply out of this world. If he could eat it every day then I'm pretty sure that he would (also, he is one of those people that never gets fat so he actually can do that. Not us, hey?).

Ever since we've been living together we've been trying different pizza recipes and to be completely honest, the best base EVER is made from humble kamut flour! Who would have guessed? Definitely not me. But it does make sense because the crispiest pizza doughs come from using hard flour, which usually for me is bread flour, but kamut flour is ever harder and nuttier. Perfect pizza material - for real

For toppings I used one of my favourite earthy combos - candy beetroot and kale. They marry so beautifully together and almost make you feel good about eating a whole pizza by yourself. 

That being said, feel free to swap the toppings out with whatever you currently have at hand. Enjoy, guys and gals! x


1 sachet of dried yeast (7g)

2 cups (300 gr) kamut flour, more if needed

1 cup (250 ml) lukewarm water

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp sugar

2 tbsp olive oil

50 ml tomato puree

50 ml chopped tomatoes

50-75 ml water

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp dried thyme

1 candy beetroot, very thinly sliced

2-3 kale leaves, roughly chopped

1/4 cup (50gr) grated vegan cheese

salt, to taste

pepper, to taste






To make the dough, combine the water, yeast, sugar, salt and olive oil in a large bowl. Add the flour bit by bit, until the dough comes together. Place it in a mixer with a dough hook and knead for 5-6 minutes or knead by hand for 6-8 minutes, until the dough is smooth and springs back when you poke it. Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and cover the surface with plastic wrap. Leave to rise in a warm spot for 30-45 minutes, until the dough has doubled in size. 

Preheat oven to 200C. To make the sauce, combine the tomato puree, chopped tomatoes and dried herbs. Mix well. Season with salt and pepper. 

When the dough is ready, cut it in to two or three (or make one big pizza) and roll out. You can leave the edges a bit thicker if you like and brush with a bit of oil. Top the pizza base with the sauce, sliced veggies and finish with cheese. Bake for 15-20 minutes, until the beetroot is soft and the edges have browned.  

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